emo problems

emo problems

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Plz d-dont be scared By yayitsthatpotato Updated Dec 02, 2016

Im making fun of the typical emo stereotype lol jkkjk DIS IS 4REALSIESS

It takes a dedicated person to be emo because being a emo is hard 

Do you want to know what its like to emo but dont know what its going to be like.
Whale if ur not already not an emo ur either a basic or a poser. NUUUU.

im going to post a problem everyday and omg theres so many problem

like i already have over 100 drafts
 Basic people dont understand the struggle
" NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME! " said every emo

Make fun of meh spelling cus it beacus  i dont speak english i speak potato nu i speak dinosaur Rawr nuu im a Savannah i speak Savannah idekkk 
thank tumblr for some of these ideas becuz we know emos aren't original in their ideas

If u want comment one of ur own emo struggles and i can put it in the book :D
Most of these are real problems but they are also funny cuz im just (sarcastic) sooo funny. No im just emo.

U see the cover of this i like photoshopped that thing and made it fabulous i had to draw like half of that lol if u have seen the original u would knoo :) in

kyle_guilbert kyle_guilbert May 31, 2016
Do you know the guy in your book cover? Did you know he committed suicide. I would appreciate if you please remove him. Thank you
The14thRegeneration The14thRegeneration Mar 12, 2016
I love that band, so I wouldn't care. But seriously Mom, you didn't buy me the entire store?