Promiscuity • a.u • Robbie Kay

Promiscuity • a.u • Robbie Kay

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Ronni By CluelessLover Updated Nov 01, 2016

"They claim that you are.. promiscuous, and unashamedly so." I said boldly, as we were alone in the vast hall.

"Promiscuous?" he chuckled, a sheepish grin crawling upon his face. "No, Ms Devereaux, I simply dip my cup where there is plenty, and my dear, the world's pleasures are undoubtedly plentiful." he stated, lowering his voice. His eyes - full of mischief as he tossed the apple, catching it in his palm as it fell. "If only you are willing take them." He placed the fruit in my hand and with a nod of his head, he turned on his heel and left me without words..

{cover creds: robbie-idkay on Tumblr}

Sleepey Sleepey Apr 23
I must say I am empressed at how well you write like in olden times 👏👏👏😊
Really great and romantic story. Amazing and super awesome. I love story's. I to read it's my favorite thing ever. 😍😊😁😉😀 I'm so happy and glad I got Wattad on my phone. Yeah me. ☺😊😁
Love it so very much. Love Robbie Andrew Kay  story's and including his Fanficts by his fans. God bless everyone. God bless Robbie Kay. ☺😊😁😉😀
Tferrara77 Tferrara77 Jun 01, 2016
The language is so foreign to me. It's like reading old english, I guess I'm stupid for not really being able to understand such a good story
The fist clenching reminds me of that Arthur meme 😂😂😂
Jaeger_Trashtastic Jaeger_Trashtastic Jul 31, 2016
Yeah well she doesn't wanna get charmed or anything so fûck off mom