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My one and only MarkiplierXReader

My one and only MarkiplierXReader

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gamergirl1335 By gamergirl1335 Updated Apr 02, 2016

Y/N means your name Y/Y/C/N means your YouTube channel name,any additional ones will be added on in the story.  You are the only girl in what is the four musketeers (I don't think anyone calls them that but whatever) or The Boner Cast basically your best friends with Jack,Mark,Bob and Wade.  But what will happen when your friendship with Mark becomes more than that.

Noooooo anything but the septiplier fan girls 
                              Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*continues screaming no for 5000000000000 billion years
                              Septiplier away
unicironnija1 unicironnija1 7 days ago
-_- first of all I wouldn't do that😂 second of all, how the hell would I get that much courage to get up on a stage with so many people watching?😂😂
Welp, xD I thought very bad stuff was gonna happen. XD Oh wellz
It okay. And that chapter name. Oh boy, something is not gonna be happy in dis chapter I bet. XD
tpaiges tpaiges Dec 23, 2015
I almost hit my face reading this
                              By that I mean dropped my tablet on my face lol
KittenCraftInc KittenCraftInc Dec 21, 2015
Aaaaaaw! My fangirl can't take it!!! Lurv this story! Lol I can just imagine Mark's voice its so sexy! XD I'm weird