Yandere Chan is Different *Completed*

Yandere Chan is Different *Completed*

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Hena By CorruptedBlaze Completed

Ah, High School...A place for fun, to learn and to see the love of your life everyday. Especially in Japan, where your school has one of the best sceneries. Except, there's this girl I see, none like the rest. Her name is Ayano. Yandere Chan. She has a crush on this boy which everyone calls dreamy. How normal, but she'd do anything for him. Literally. Even kill. My name is Hoshi Yuuto and here's a story about my experience with a psychopath, Yandere Chan.

Cover Credits: @_DreamWalker
(Thanks, I really appreciate the cover design.)

Note: Most characters belong to the original game of Yandere Simulator. Hoshi Yuuto is a character I have added. It starts from her P.O.V. Some other characters are made by me as well. This plot is just fanfiction, it's not in the actual debug game. All rights claim to their owners and enjoy!

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TutzyTheCutie TutzyTheCutie Dec 01, 2017
Oooh! I love this so far!!! I love Yandere Simulator! It's the best game! I'm so glad I was able to see this! Great so far!!!
Friedbubble Friedbubble May 15, 2016
                              WHICH AIRLINE DID YOU TAKE TE-.......
                              Oh wait this is anime, 
                              *cowers in corner*
XxLittlexMonsterxX XxLittlexMonsterxX Apr 18, 2016
I just started reading this and it already is really good! :)
Whateva5720 Whateva5720 Aug 30, 2016
                              "thats what she said 😏😏😏"
PoetryOfTheCenturey PoetryOfTheCenturey May 27, 2016
This is a great book totally following u but can u follow me back to I'm lonely and sad I only have one follower and I'm making a yandere simulator based book too and it's a collab with my friend mayihaveacupcake
keeper_ keeper_ Dec 20, 2015
This sounds cool. Gonna read more, even I don't watch anime. Just doing it for you.