How to Be a Virgin

How to Be a Virgin

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Lara By ShadieTree Updated Jul 08, 2016


Mike Lacey never had much luck when it came to love. 

For his entire life, he had been labeled as the weird, hyperactive kid who could talk anyone's ear off and being best friends with the hottest boy in school didn't help his chances either. 

It seems as though everyone around him is enjoying the wonders of sex and love, while he's still desperate to lose his virginity. 

Just when he starts to think that all hope is lost, Mike finds himself choosing between two boys who are head over heels for him. 

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miriama573 miriama573 4 days ago
Ahhhhhhhhh maybe I don't know being nice and not punching ect?
Plot twist Derek and Calvin are the two boys fighting for Mike lol jk
gina0011 gina0011 a day ago
Good for her, getting her hair and nails done while her son looses his virginity
yellowuniverse yellowuniverse 5 days ago
I just cringed so hard I had to put down the phone and try re-evaluate my life
miriama573 miriama573 4 days ago
Welll they areeee gonna get married in the other stories the author has so I'm not worried
-macarena -macarena Jan 30
I feel so bad spamming u w votes and comments😬 Im sorry, love ur books, I cant stop reading (: