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Imagine someone you really hate. 

Like if they blink your mood turns sour. 

It's even more worse when your enemy is your mate. 

What kind of sins did I commit to get this punishment?

**Slow Revision**

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alsobriewillbe22 alsobriewillbe22 Jun 06, 2017
What kind of glitter?  Im not going to copy you or steal your stuff...but if we are putting glitter i would like to know the color. Because i have some..if you want.
KitKatLoverFurLife KitKatLoverFurLife Feb 18, 2016
FINALLY!!! Someone who's mouth is like mine!!! A mouth that's hours be wiped with Clorox!!!
AmberKennedy815 AmberKennedy815 Mar 04, 2017
Heh I'm like you in the cursing department. I swear whenever my family is nowhere to be seen but if they are near then I have to suffer in silence...
roi_03 roi_03 May 28, 2016
I love your threat it made me laugh so much when I first read it
roi_03 roi_03 May 28, 2016
Sorry, sorry but I just have to say this otherwise it will annoy me to no end, but... 
                              Polar bears live in the Artic
- - Dec 22, 2015
I always try not to correct spelling errors. Just a heads up, sorry if I do!