My Enemy Is My Mate

My Enemy Is My Mate

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Another sequel to the werewolf stories I written.

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Ally O'Connor is a werewolf and is waiting for her mate. She will play rough and beat anyone that will stand in her way. Ally of course has a sweet spot for her family and if someone hurts them you'll be in the hospital. She's not dumb she is on top of her classes and is a stubborn girl. Ally is no girly girl she is a tom boy.  With her rude,strong,cocky, attitude people love her still. If you respect her she will respect you back.

Now here comes a boy name:

Seth Meyer's is the schools bad boy. People adore him and some people die at his feet literally. Maybe because he is the soon to be alpha of The Black Moon Forest Pack. They are known for their bloody conflict with other packs and how they handle it. One word death. Seth always have a cold demeanor around him and is always causing trouble everywhere he goes. His parent's are hoping his mate will fix him up.

Ally and Seth hate each other. They are called the number one enemy in the school because they always fight. Sometimes they need to call their parents to break it apart. Every time they look,speak,breath the same air there will always be a fight.

It's funny because they're mates.

"Oh no ew fuck why you" I said with a disgusted face.

"What the fuck no this can't be happening" Seth said while running his hand through his hair and looked at me.

"You make me gag" I said with a straight face.

"Well you make me die inside" He said with a glare.

What the hell moon goddess.

No copying or I will find you and I will sprinkle you with glitter. You do know how hard that crap comes off and appear out of nowhere so beware if you copy.

What kind of glitter?  Im not going to copy you or steal your stuff...but if we are putting glitter i would like to know the color. Because i have some..if you want.
KitKatLoverFurLife KitKatLoverFurLife Feb 18, 2016
FINALLY!!! Someone who's mouth is like mine!!! A mouth that's hours be wiped with Clorox!!!
Heh I'm like you in the cursing department. I swear whenever my family is nowhere to be seen but if they are near then I have to suffer in silence...
Rosethunder35 Rosethunder35 May 28, 2016
I love your threat it made me laugh so much when I first read it
Rosethunder35 Rosethunder35 May 28, 2016
Sorry, sorry but I just have to say this otherwise it will annoy me to no end, but... 
                              Polar bears live in the Artic
- - Dec 22, 2015
I always try not to correct spelling errors. Just a heads up, sorry if I do!