His Obligation

His Obligation

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Nyasia By undecidedx Updated Jul 20

"Who are you?" He says with authority. 

Say something dammit. I can't. In all my 18 years of living I have never seen someone who so-

"I don't have all day. Who are you!" He yells cutting me out of my thoughts.

"R-Rachel t-Taylor. My name is Rachel Taylor." I manage to stutter out. He looks at me for a moment before walking over to me and crouching down at my feet.

"Why are you here?"

"I-I was h-hoping you c-could tell me that." I say in hopes of not getting hit again.

"Is that so?" A smirk appears on his face, but as fast as it came it went. The door opens again but this time its the man who kidnapped me that walks in. His face turns pale when he sees the man crouched down in front of me. I scoot away from him before he can even think about coming near me. 

"B-boss I thought you were in Italy with the Don." He clears his throat adjusting his shirt collar. The man sitting in front of me turns to look at him and then back at me. So this is the boss? But he's so...young.

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