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A Love To Die For (Camren)

A Love To Die For (Camren)

17.2K Reads 746 Votes 13 Part Story
romi By romi143 Completed

Camila and Lauren are both tributes in the 84th annual hunger games.  Camila is from District 2.  Lauren is from District 12.  What happens when the two fall in love with each other while in battle in the arena?  And what happens when Lauren makes a huge mistake?  Will it cost them their relationship?  Read "A Love To Die For" to find out.

apost_a apost_a Sep 22, 2016
Carla is so jealous of Lauren's eyes😏 that's why she criticise them😏😏😏
Halfgod3010 Halfgod3010 Dec 30, 2016
She knows that she has to kill him in the end if she wants to get out there alive, right?
Libby2936 Libby2936 Oct 15, 2016
That's so stupid 'I can't imagine my life without him'  yet they are both going to the hunger games where only one person can win and the rest die 
                              Hmm makes sense
Camren_asf_96 Camren_asf_96 Dec 05, 2016
I feel like Lauren could last out the hunger games but the Biebs? Nah
ssweet-ddispositionn ssweet-ddispositionn Oct 05, 2016
Lol, when ever it says someone does a little action like winking I always do it too.
Sommerdowsett Sommerdowsett Sep 29, 2016
Aww you should of put zayn or Brad cuz then Brad could die very badly 😉 ( joking )