Dance With Devils (Various x Reader)

Dance With Devils (Various x Reader)

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masumi kirihime By TiruRibuto Updated Jan 30

Request go on the first page ! 

This book is for reader inserts with Dance With Devil characters. I take all requests and do my best to fulfill them. 

I really love this anime, and so I've taken liberty to write inserts for my fellow DWD fanatics. 

Rem is mine <3 jk they're all mine xD

Thanks minna ^-^

ILoveWolvezz ILoveWolvezz May 03, 2016
Can you do for Lindo x Pregnant Reader. Which the Reader is Best Friends with there family and pretty much get along with everyone.  If you're still doing request though.🍃 🌸
Amy_Riddle Amy_Riddle Apr 06, 2016
Would it be possible to do a Mage X reader where the reader is Uries sister and he's protective of her? 
                              ( idk if that would even work - can he have a sister??)
KrazyKatBD KrazyKatBD Jan 08
Ok, have rem, whatever, I don't care about him, but SHIKI IS MIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!! *glares into soul with the power of a million hells* *tickles you until you fall off cliff*
Celestia_Starlight Celestia_Starlight Nov 10, 2016
Can you do a Rem x Urie x Mage x Shiki x Loewen x Lindo x Reader? When the reader is in the position of Ritsuka, and she meets her father, and is arranged to marry some prince, and something?
PhantomKnightSasuke PhantomKnightSasuke Aug 27, 2016
If i can i would like request Shiki x Devil Reader or Mage x Devil Reader
- - Apr 01, 2016
Loewon x Reader,where the Reader is human and she ism dating Loewon,unaware that he is a demon but she has barely seen him lately,making her grow suspicion!