horns | seokjin (complete)

horns | seokjin (complete)

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temporary hiatus💛 By liastreets Completed

❝what is your biggest sin, seokjin? loving too much? or not enough?❞

based off the movie 'horns'.

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mondaily mondaily Sep 13, 2017
Me: Who names their child Opal 
                              Also me: opal is a BEAUTIFUL NAME–
mellikespizza12 mellikespizza12 Oct 01, 2017
Probably not and go dig my own grave cuz I’m not prepared wat has to come
kmlara1221 kmlara1221 Aug 03, 2017
I already read this WHOLE fanfic, but I need to go back and vote on all of the chapters (I forgot to since I was only focused on getting to the next page) 😅😅😅
mondaily mondaily Sep 13, 2017
looks like you don't quite know how the world works yet, sir jeon
doyouknowksj doyouknowksj Aug 10, 2016
OK I haven't seen the movie but I've seen the trailer. After reading this I'm gonna buy it and watch it. It looks really good.