horns | seokjin (complete)

horns | seokjin (complete)

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temporary hiatus💛 By liastreets Completed

❝what is your biggest sin, seokjin? loving too much? or not enough?❞

based off the movie 'horns'.

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mondaily mondaily Sep 13, 2017
Me: Who names their child Opal 
                              Also me: opal is a BEAUTIFUL NAME–
mellikespizza12 mellikespizza12 Oct 01, 2017
Probably not and go dig my own grave cuz I’m not prepared wat has to come
kmlara1221 kmlara1221 Aug 03, 2017
I already read this WHOLE fanfic, but I need to go back and vote on all of the chapters (I forgot to since I was only focused on getting to the next page) 😅😅😅
I bet it's someone from Bangtan just like in the real movie. It was one of Igg's best friends who killed merin.
mondaily mondaily Sep 13, 2017
looks like you don't quite know how the world works yet, sir jeon