Kitty Snatcher [Completed]

Kitty Snatcher [Completed]

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Gee A. Gonzalez By OfficialGeeGonzalez Completed

"If you keep looking at me then..." He just smirks at me, I start smiling. Sexy time.

"You finally will give me a cookie!" I cheer, finally! I'm so happy. His smirk disappears, confusion taking over his perfect face. I'll lick you. 

Meet 17 year old Morgan Jupiter Stanley. A not-so-normal nerd, Morgan was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) which causes her to have problems in high school. 

Meet 17 year old Adam French Tenor. A so-normal popular rich guy with the look of a sex God, he gets what he wants even if he doesn't know what it is.

 Finding an animal stranded out in the cold then being told to be a thief is just the beginning of  a funny, weird, loving ride of life.

Note: This will use slightly strong language. Also the original photo of the cover is not mine so the credit goes to who made it, I just found it and liked it a lot. Couldn't find the person so I couldn't ask for permission(We heart it) All credits goes to her or him.

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WTHAsh WTHAsh Apr 10
Ok I’m not sure if I adhd but I feel like I do but I honestly don’t know
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Snowpup22 Snowpup22 Mar 06
This isn't what ADHD people are always like tho... (speaking as a person who has actually been medically diagnosed with ADHD)
Better than my grade mates. I know some guys that got rly excited because their gpa went from a 0.25 to a 1.5
idk y but my retainer feels really weird on my teeth right now and it’s annoying me
And I’m pretty sure they’re smart, they just don’t try