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Hetalia Yaoi Lemons

Hetalia Yaoi Lemons

17.5K Reads 226 Votes 3 Part Story
That One Rare Ship Lover :3 By Pikachu78y Updated May 25, 2016

Requests are taken :3

AuthorDev AuthorDev Jan 01
"I-a better head-a out-a or else-a Lovi will-a yell at-a me-a, bye!" 
                              Yeah, thanks for not writing that and making me want to gauge my eyes out with a rusty spoon after drinking five bleach-bombs and stabbing my jugular with a mechanical pencil.
ReallyAwkwardShipper ReallyAwkwardShipper Nov 27, 2016
I thought of his actual head...
                              1st of all, boi... are you sneky-snek?
                              And secondly, cannibalistic much?
Why is there such a lack of seme! Veneziano. It disappoints me
Ichigothedragon Ichigothedragon Nov 15, 2016
*nose bleed* It's okay Antonio your blood stain has a friend now XD
- - Nov 17, 2016
Lietpol! You know how hard it is to find good Lietpol lemons?
LoviBlushyVargas LoviBlushyVargas Aug 17, 2016
This was great! You did both of their personalities really well! Plus ItaCest is my OTP so yeah, Amazing Job!