The Empress

The Empress

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Minique By QueenMinique Updated Aug 12

She entered a school where all students belong to a certain Clan. 

It was going well until an incredible twist arrive. 

A game for 10 months, not deadly but exhausting. 

For 10 months...

Will she reveal her true identity?

Will her forgotten memories comeback?

Is there a chance that she'll fall in love?


Will they finish the game?

(The story gets interesting at "Trap {25} as the main characters are starting to show up)


I'm just a person, I don't have any clones 
  ----- Izeiah Cassandra Eleana Kenshi/ Izeiah Swift/ Titania Robinson
  A bullet will never move unless you pull the trigger 
  ----- Ivan Caizze Eleazer Shikaiken

       "Do you fear that dark abyss?"
  Started: December 26, 2015

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