On The Verge Of Breaking {House_Owner X Reader}

On The Verge Of Breaking {House_Owner X Reader}

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Broken  Chronicles book 1

I laid in bed, tears stained my pale skin. I had lost so much, my parents, my brother hates me, and I lost the love of my life. And I haven't talked to my sister since her wedding. I pushed all my friends away. But I have never once thought of dying. I may be sad and depressed, but I smile through my pain.

I am a youtuber, (Y/YT/N) {your youtube name} and I smile through my pain all day everyday. Then it all came crashing down... but in the best way for me.

I found my love again... and this time pain will lose.

Ah ha I knew I had trust issues for a reason. No seriously though I am always on edge.
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Yo I has social anxiety I don't think Ima get better by reading fabrics but screw it
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The majority of the reason why I watch Ross is bc he reminds me of my big brother and I only see my big brother once or twice in two years
How do you know that I watch all of those YouTubers.... STALKER STALKER