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Vampires: NaLu Fanfiction Book 2

Vampires: NaLu Fanfiction Book 2

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α l є х α n d r í α By JuviaBaeLockser Updated May 01

Lucy is everyone's beloved role model. She is beautiful, hot, sexy, funny, smart, nice, kind, caring.. Just the perfect package! However, Lucy doesn't see why everyone looks up to her, she thinks that she is just the average gal. Graduation is coming up and her and her friends are going out to a bar, underage, after graduation! SCANDALIOUS!! There is the mysterious guy with salmon hair... No! Not actual salmon! The color salmon. Gosh, you guys sure are silly. I mean the color salmon. His hair color was salmon. Okay? Okay, good! Well anyways, Lucy didn't really notice him. I think salmon guy likes her.. Talk about Senpai not noticing you! Lucy is always cheerful and humorous. But after the night at the bar.. Something changed in Lucy.. she felt sick.. and a couple more days after... She becomes the ultimate BIATCH! Just read it.. I may not be too active cause my computer is retarded and won't lemme use the dang internet. So yeah! This is just the first *season* So don't worry if the things in this description did NOT happen. This will be the same description for the next book. Thank you to @Tenth_Ace for the covers!

Me to @enchanted_suitcase (lol creep level just got higher, real freaking quick)
Me: Brush Mt hair, brush my teeth, get dressed, OKAY IM READY
Isn't this a bit too much for Levy?
                              Levy? Where is your innocence?
princess_nalu123 princess_nalu123 Jun 07, 2016
mabye its the a pointment or some thing ther somthing i wanted to say i like it😆😉😄
Lucyboomer Lucyboomer Feb 26, 2016
UPDATE NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AlwaysCrawlingIvy AlwaysCrawlingIvy Jan 24, 2016