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Entertain Me [NamJin]

Entertain Me [NamJin]

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Shookimnida By HobisHearteu Updated Apr 19, 2016

Kim Seokjin is technically the Prince of Jamberri. However, his mother had always wanted a little girl. Therefore, she treated him as if he was the girl she always wanted. The King usually kept quiet about his wife's doings, but the time has come for the young man to marry. The King refuses to allow his son to marry another man.
On the other hand, Jin has found himself in love with his personal minstrel, Namjoon. Usually, a minstrel is to provide the Lord entertainment with music, but "Princess" Jin had other ideas...

is never going to remember any of the words but reads the story anyway
Umm excuse me but I ain't in school so IMMA JUST SKIP THAT SHIZ
Well isn't that technically a medieval piano? Bc a piano creates sound bc of the hammers on the inside hitting the strings.
I'm sure the P is silent
                              psaltery is my new favourite instrument
                              it's literally saltery
                              I'm crying its glorious
Omg. In my language (French😅🇫🇷🇫🇷) viol=rape... As a few of the other words you used seemed to come from french as well (tambour is the usual word for drums for example) I was kinda afraid of why you would need that word in your story😅😂😂 sorry
VMin_Tae VMin_Tae Sep 09, 2016
I hate vocabulary 😖 It was hard enough I took a vocabulary test today. Now there's more. Aaaaaaaa! At lest it's not math words.