New Problem ~ Sting X Reader X Rogue ~ Sequel to New Girl

New Problem ~ Sting X Reader X Rogue ~ Sequel to New Girl

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bleh By xHUZSx Completed

It's been seven years, and (y/n) is back from training, but some new things surprise her - things both good and bad. She hears things she never knew before, and gets a chance to show her brand new and unleashed power.


As life goes on, weird things start happening, and, like before, (y/n) gets caught in the middle of it all. And even though she has enough to deal with, two past lovers come back to claim, like they should have done years ago.

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KarrenDaFuq KarrenDaFuq Aug 20, 2017
Uhmmm.... Sting and Rogue admired Gajeel and Natsu when they were kids.... Natsu and Gajeel didn't age due to the Fairy Sphere. Rogue and Sting are excited knowing they could fight their idols.
A_Kitten_Named_Meep A_Kitten_Named_Meep Jul 16, 2017
*looks around corner like a creep and laughs evilly*
                              Lucy: wtf was that
                              Juvia: juvia doesn't know 
                              *laughs again and walks around corner*
                              Wassup bitches you miss me? Probably not cuz I'm TRASH but hey I'm baaaaack!!
KateScarlet790 KateScarlet790 Nov 03, 2017
Ouch...guys that hurts really hurts....buttttt I'm used to it anyways
yvrio_on_ice yvrio_on_ice May 03, 2017
No! How dare they love someone else than me!?!*gets a knife*
-Wendy-Marvel- -Wendy-Marvel- Aug 11, 2017
Who tf is Misaki? And if any of them lay a hand on Rouge I will murder them!! 😡👿
It's probably gonna be Yours truly
                                          *blows kisses at everyone*