Bts Chatroom~

Bts Chatroom~

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Potato Woman By potatowoman123 Updated Mar 15

~ NotSoJammy has added 6 people to the group chat ~

 BraMaster: What is this?

 4D: A group chat. Can u not read? 

 ObeyEomma: Apparently he cant.

 J-Horsey: And yet he scored high as shit in the IQ test.

 ObeyEomma: No swearing. We have a fetus.

 KookieFetus: Someone called me?

 4D: No we called Satan -.- 

 SugaryTea: Yes?

 NotSoJammy: Jesus, I was gone for a few seconds and y'all already blowing my phone up. 

 4D: That's not the only thing Yoongi will be blowing (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

 SugaryTea: ...

 ~ SugaryTea has left the chat ~

 ObeyEomma: ...Tae. Come to my room. 


 ~ 4D has left the chat ~

 ~ ObeyEomma has left the chat ~

 BraMaster: Well then.

 KookieFetus: I am going to sleep, sing me a song dad? 

 BraMaster: ok ok.. I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake. All my life man fuck sake.

 NotSoJammy: ...

 ~ NotSoJammy left the chat ~

 ~ BraMaster and KookieFetus left the chat ~

 J-Horsey: ...hi

 J-Horsey: Hi.

 J-Horsey: How are yo...

Click click bang bang we just sing it like click click bang bang