Black by Nature (AMBW)

Black by Nature (AMBW)

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Your_Queen By Burgundy_Sparks Updated Sep 01

He was Asian

I was Black

He was Rich

I was Poor

Taylor Williams has had a tough life and a horrid past. The only escape she has is her job witch she has worked in for 6 years. She considers it her safe haven from her normal life until she meets the Hotel owner's son, Brandon Wong.
Brandon is a complete jerk who has no respect for anyone. They are forced to work with each other and they hate it.

But what happens when the rich Bad boy and the poor damsel in distress actually start liking each other
Will there differences be in the way of them being together?

May contain inappropriate language and sexual content. Readers will be warn if any sexual scenes are coming up. 
Read at your own risk

Yes and you probably ate the neighbors pets. Whose trippin? ? (I'm half Asian, don't mean to be stereotypical or racist)
If u don't chill out I will make your eyes even skinner with my twisers and fists
I would have started laughing................................................... All the way to the bank
That pretty lit... I'm black and Mexican 🙌🏽🔥👏🏽
Bish what..??💁🏽 don't get knocked the fūck out...😂👌🏽🙌🏽