Afterglow (BWWM)

Afterglow (BWWM)

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Makenzie By makenziecarmichael Updated Oct 07

"I've come to discuss your side of the deal we made earlier."
He sat on the bench, his towel wrapped tightly around his waist. 
"Okay, what you got for me?"
Here goes. If I didn't get it out now, I never will.  
"I want you to teach me how to be sexy."

Allison (Ally) is tired of being overlooked by the opposite sex. Every guy she knows goes for the overly sexy girl who wears revealing clothes, and tons of makeup, and is ready to drop it low at a moment's notice. So where did that leave girls like her with standards? 

Lonely and frustrated. 

But not anymore. Ally is prepared to do something drastic to increase her chances of snagging the man of her dreams, Brandon. The sexy jock has been on her radar since the moment she met him. And when a golden opportunity presents itself for her to try something crazy, she decides to throw caution to the wind. Drew, Brandon's best friend, needs her help for the millionth time and Ally decides it's time to stop doing his work for free, he has to earn it, but is he willing to pay the price she asks and help her with her plan to snag Brandon? Or does Drew have something more devious in mind like snagging her for himself?

seana_dacey seana_dacey Oct 17
GIRL!!!! I know how you feel!!! lmao... I was like all throughout high school - worst part though, we hung out with the same people and were friends (still are)...
TheDemiurge TheDemiurge May 10
That's my school 😊
                              Although this whole winning against the Spartans is nonsense.
eunicempok eunicempok Mar 21
Ooooh when you nod your head yes but you want to say, what do you mean
KamiAyanna KamiAyanna Oct 11
looking a my crush while reading this cuz this describes him
I love drew more than she loves Brandon. Ally and drew forever
Not digging it but what ever floats your boat because this is definitely not  a actually ship