krampus » yoonmin [FF]

krampus » yoonmin [FF]

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in which jimin is a misbehaved kid and yoongi the one who punishes him


yoonmin af。

a mix of fluff and smut // short

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InsertNameHere987 InsertNameHere987 Jul 10, 2016
We had a whole unit on this guy back in third grade French class
laughaphobic1 laughaphobic1 Dec 30, 2016
Y r all you 'English is not my native language' soooo god damn good at writing it and speaking it bloody hell !! Talented .
NotThatOrdinaryType NotThatOrdinaryType Oct 25, 2016
It says //short// then I see 21 parts. Can someone define short for me please? Dont say 12 inches tho.