The Luna Eclipse

The Luna Eclipse

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Book 1: The Blue Wolf
Book 2: The Luna Eclipse

Ryker's nose twitched as if he had just ignored my whole speech and was listening for something else. Then the stench reached my own nose, knocking me from the previous argument we were just having.

"Well, this was great timing!" 

I spun around to see the guy who took me, pointing a gun. I swallowed, taking a step back, my heart racing at what could be at the end of this situation. "I told you," he grinned, "Your mate would come!"

That's all I heard before a gunshot rang in my ears and I was tumbling to the floor.


The Lunar Eclipse only happens every once in a while and for packs, it's a privilege and wondrous time to be alive. As the moon's phase comes and goes, so does something else - because it's not just the moon that changes.

Ylva's changing too.

But with her change, brings more threats and along with a piece of Ryker's past he wished stayed hidden. Now with everything changing, mistakes will happen, trust will be broken and Ylva must strive to overcome everything thrown at her to protect the ones she holds close.

Book 2

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