The babysitter with a secret #Watty2016

The babysitter with a secret #Watty2016

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( this is a Jacksepticeye x child reader) So I was reading a story and then I thought I should make a story where a child gets involved with the evil YouTubers because of their babysitter. Then I thought it might make a good x reader so this story will be the result and I hope you guys like it.

There is no pedophilic ideas in this just you and Jack getting into trouble and Jack protecting you like you're his child. Maybe that will happen? Also this story will have some sad details like family members passing away and abusive fathers so read with caution. There will also be some sad parts so be prepared for some feels. Now on with the story!

The cover is by azuneechan on dA. Enjoy the story.

Some reason this me Fran bow and where Fran and silly is mr. Midnight
TinygirlTim TinygirlTim Feb 19
Holy shît u don't have to tell me twice *hope over his fence* fûck that
I was looking through your profile and I saw a story I read by you so I thought this must be goox
Omg this is that fame wtf was the name?! Uhhh. I know Mark & Jack's  played it!
tinaplier tinaplier Mar 25
                              ITS SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!😋😋😋😋
Why you hit Babyplier!? That child abuse!!! I'm disappointed in both of you!!