Deadly Queen [3]

Deadly Queen [3]

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As I rushed out, I stopped to get a hold of myself. I leaned against a wall, half exhausted from running around and half angry that I failed.

"What are you doing in here?"

I was about to snap at the guy to leave me alone since I wasn't in the mood but I stopped once I locked gazes with him.

I felt my anger disappear and I forgot what I was going to say.

He seemed to be affected the same way. His eyes widened behind the mask and his mouth was half open. The suit he was wearing fit him well, failing to hide the fact that he was incredibly muscular.

"Take off your mask," He commanded but since I didn't listen to anybody, I didn't.

I wanted to see him before he saw me.

"You first."

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WolfFreak03 WolfFreak03 Jun 14
Why are they trying to kill her even though she's a hunter? Like they hunt WEREWOLVES, not their own kind
Okay, so does anyone else remember that in the first book, that Alex is adopted? She isn't a wolf, but she could definitely be a hunter. And right here it says "her eyes were dark like mine, staring back at me." - they could be sisters🤔
bsmith876 bsmith876 Sep 18
I had troubles with R's TH's and S's. And when I said my name i used to say Whitney instead of Brittany
You might want to change the wording in this because "withheld" means it's not given to them.