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Hunter of the Hunted ➸ [3]

Hunter of the Hunted ➸ [3]

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Aིྀʟʟʏ By FifthAngeI Completed

As I rushed out, I stopped to get a hold of myself. I leaned against a wall, half exhausted from running around and half angry that I failed.

"What are you doing in here?"

I was about to snap at the guy to leave me alone since I wasn't in the mood but I stopped once I locked gazes with him.

I felt my anger disappear and I forgot what I was going to say.

He seemed to be affected the same way. His eyes widened behind the mask and his mouth was half open. The suit he was wearing fit him well, failing to hide the fact that he was incredibly muscular.

"Take off your mask," He commanded but since I didn't listen to anybody, I didn't.

"You first." I had to admit, I wanted to see his face. I licked my lips in anticipation.

The mysterious man slowly took off his mask, revealing his flawless face. His eyes were a dark brown that reminded me of chocolate and pink cheeks that made him look even cuter. Blond bangs fanned his face and it made me want to run my fingers through it.

"Now take yours off." He commanded while stepping closer and I slowly untied the mask and lifted it off my face.

His eyes melted like he was in a dream.

"You're fucking beautiful."


To live is to kill. To love is to lose.

Rozaline Vega comes from a legendary line of talented hunters. Her family has spent years tracking the great Alpha Ares' pack and after a major breakthrough, they finally find his pack deep in the thickets of the Canadian wilderness.

She is given the name of one of the most respected Luna's in the werewolf world. She is told to kill her, to show her that the hunters mean business.

Rose knows that the mission may mean her inevitable death, but she's brave enough to take on the challenge. She's got a death wish, and those who don't fear death are the hardest to kill.

Damsel in distress? No, she was the fearless, fiery hunter. She didn't need saving.

And she didn't need a mate. 


Nooooo !!!! Not Alex !!!!! Nope nope nope. No can do. Not gonna happen. NO
That moment when you link with another Beyonce fan and find your best friend
Bitch, touch her, I DARE you. Lol, I'm protective over old characters