P E R I W I N K L E | Stuart Twombly

P E R I W I N K L E | Stuart Twombly

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Skye McMahon's dad just lost his job and his girlfriend. 
She knows that her job at Boots wont pay their bills. 
All hope is lost for her and her dad. 
Until, her dad finds this amazing opportunity for an internship at Google.
Will the open door lead to a happy ending or full on disaster?

'They closed down our business'

The words stuck in my head, thumping to match my heart beat.

My dad had recently broke the big news to me about his and Nick's business closing down. 

His girlfriend, my step mom, had left after he told her. She yelled at him about never accomplishing things. I heard her start yelling and ran upstairs, i hate it when they argue. 

When dad dropped the bomb on us about his job, i knew it was all over, dad wouldn't be able to pay off the bills and my step mom was soon going to move. She couldn't pay for all of us, she can barely pay for herself. 

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stilesstilinskiwife stilesstilinskiwife Sep 04, 2016
Oh my god I read it Stuart I was like why the fûck is Stuart Selene ?