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The Blue Devil (OLD VERSION)

The Blue Devil (OLD VERSION)

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Country_Bumpkin By Strawberry_Casey Updated Jan 30

Audrey Brewer is known as the school's rebel, and bad ass of Jackson High. She gets into fights, and no one dares to challenge her. She's hardcore, and isn't afraid to say what's on her mind, or do what she wants. The only reason she hasn't been expelled is because her parents keep paying off the principal.
  The Blue Devil is a woman that everyone on the streets fear. She's the leader of the "Hell's Angels" a local gang. She's quick with a switch blade, and believes in bringing guns to a knife fight if it gives her the upper hand in a battle. She's known for being ruthless, and killing without a second thought. Her name was given to her because of her blue hair, and ruthlessness. The thing is she's only 16.
  London Reeves is the new student at Jackson High and the principal's nephew. He's hell bent on irritating Audrey and becoming the most feared person in the school. He's not the only new student either, there's a whole group of other guys who came with him, and they're going to turn the school upside down, and "Hell's Angels."
  If you haven't pieced it together Audrey is The Blue Devil, and boy is she about to face hell.
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jimicorn jimicorn 4 days ago
sounds cool, hopefully she actually has a good reason for being in a gang and she's not just a spoiled brat tryna act bad ass lol
audreybrewer_ audreybrewer_ Nov 07, 2014
Cool name for the main character. I have the same exact one on my birth certificate. 
n_nostalgia n_nostalgia Jul 02, 2013
Oooo! 0_o This is ma kinda story lol, it's awesome. Your book is soo Interesting I jus wanna read on :D SERIOUSLY!! <3 xx Thank you to people like you who write books like this to keep us wattpaderz entertained with your flawless writings, LOL!! :)
Strawberry_Casey Strawberry_Casey Jun 06, 2013
@EnglishMuffinn you had me kind of scared at first:) Glad you liked it.
spookinq spookinq Jun 04, 2013
I'm sorry to break this to you, and I'm being completely honest here....
                              It was AMAZING, I really want to read on, in my opinion everything was flawless. Attracted to it already! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE! Definitely one of my best storys ive read so far in my library. Intrigued. Addicted.
jonquilles jonquilles May 29, 2013
There were some missing commas and apostrophes, and there were also misspelled words but this is more well-written than most fics on here, so, good job.
                              I'm gonna check out the next chapters now.