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Pen Your Pride
Into the Games -BajanCanadian x Blind!reader-

Into the Games -BajanCanadian x Blind!reader-

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I'm finally back! By wyvern0 Updated Jun 29, 2016

It was a normal day, until the Officials called the village to a meeting.
"The games shall start in one week!" The leader announced, "Two people from each district will be chosen to fight for out entertainment." He held up a bowel, filled with scraps of paper. "Now," He pulled out two, "Our contestants are...
Y/n L/n and Mitchell Hughes!"
Gasps filled the air. The boy, one of the greatest hunters, sure, he could win, gasp of hope. But, the girl, the quiet one in the back, the blind one? No way. Impossible. She wouldn't last an hour.
The girl proudly walked forward, refusing help. Her blurry eyes filled with determination. But what else was there? Fear.

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McFluffel_ McFluffel_ Nov 05, 2016
You hurt my Mitch~Senpai, and I will beat you with my almighty stick of power
_Knight_Of_Void_ _Knight_Of_Void_ Jan 30, 2016
Wait I am blind well then I will be TEREZI FROM HOMESTUCK!!!!!
rouuacee rouuacee Dec 22, 2015
Love it!
                              Btw I see wud you did there with Lachlan
                              But but but, ping is like his brain I believe so
                              Isn't it a bad idea XD
                              Nevermind forget I was even here
StarlitShadows02 StarlitShadows02 Dec 22, 2015
Ahhhh!!!!! I can't wait for more!!! This story is so good!!!!! =D
NerdyGamer5 NerdyGamer5 Dec 19, 2015
I love it so far keep up with the good work *gasp* imagen us readers drink a postion that make us see *rabling* 
                              flake: *slaps me* you're rabling again *giggles*