You're mine. (H.S) / Boss.

You're mine. (H.S) / Boss.

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Vie Xavi By hestexting Updated Dec 19, 2016

"Have you decided on the answer, yet?" Harry's voice shuddered me from the behind.

"No... No. I don't know about this. I don't think it's a good idea, sir" I answered even though I wanted to do it.

"Come on Ari, we both know what you want" he smiled and his breathe hitting my bare shoulder.

"I....I...." I stumbled and that's when he threw his long hands around my waist from behind.

He pecked on my neck literally giving me, a mini heart attack. How could he do this so easily? 

"Tell me, you want to do it. With me" He added as he turned me to face him. 


"No reasons. You will be mine from now on" He smirked pulling me against him. 

"Mine" He pressed his beautiful pink lips over mine and my heart started fluttering already. What am I gonna do now?

Fanction story. 
Do Not read if you don't like sexual contents. 
Each chapter contains intimate and hardcore scenes. Including dominant sexual behaviours.
This story is an adult format. So please let it be that way. 
My very first try. Hardcore lovers will find this good, i guess.
Don't try to copy it anywhere. 

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