The Alphas Princess

The Alphas Princess

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Meet Jade Harrison, her brother is the alpha of the Crimson Pack. Of course she's important in the pack but not as important as her brother's mate, Winter, the luna of the pack. Winter has it out for her wanting Jade dead or out of the pack. All Jade has ever wanted was to find her mate and be happy again. That before Winter came into her life. And Jade is about to get the life she's always wanted.

Jude Smith is the alpha of the Mountain Heart pack: He has everything, but a mate. All that he's ever wanted was a mate because then that's when a wolf learns the best skill of all, how to love. When Crimson pack attacks Mountain Heart pack, a giant fight breaks out, but what happens when Jude finds his mate in the middle of the war? What will Jude do? Will love blossom or will Jade reject him?
Find out in The Alpha's Princess.

Currently being edited and written, so please understand that the book might be confusing until my editor can catch up the editing.

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nicole_wst nicole_wst Jul 19, 2016
Jude like the one in crash, crush and I don't remember the other one 😂
Luigioppa Luigioppa Sep 04, 2016
Okay this girl is everywhere the last book I just read she was in it 😂😂
_SupItsMe_ _SupItsMe_ May 26, 2016
The typos are making me laugh so much.  HE CALLED HER AN ANGLE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LIKE A 90 DEGREE ANGLE!!  Its angEL (the 'e' comes before the 'l')
Tayna__cruz Tayna__cruz Aug 23, 2016
How are they talking to each other when they are in wolf form 😑 that makes no sense
Squidpickle Squidpickle Jul 02, 2016
It's not too bad so far, but there are a lot of typos and the storyline seems too jumpy for my taste.