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You can't leave me behind [boyxboy]

You can't leave me behind [boyxboy]

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SweetSpiceKillers By sweetspicekillers Updated Jan 15

"If I kiss you, promise me there won't be any meaning behind it okay? I seriously can't handle feelings and all that." I said, and I could see Ethan's smile widen into a smirk. 
"I'm sorry Matt but I can't promise that. I already like you too much for feelings not to be involved." He answered and I couldn't help the frown that took over my expression. He liked me? 
"Nobody likes me. What's wrong with you man?" I said, a small smile spreading across my face as my bad mood got replaced by amusement. Ethan met my gaze and let out a small laugh. 
"I guess I'm an exception then." He said, smiling at me as I rolled my eyes at him. An exception? Yeah, well at least he was different from other people that's for sure... 

Matthew Gardell, a not so normal guy with a pretty normal life, suddenly finds himself taking his mother's car without permission and driving several hours to rescue a friend who claims that he's been kidnapped. He has no intention of suddenly meeting a man who claims Matt is his 'destined one' and he seriously doesn't plan on listening to what that man has to say. Nevertheless, it happens. 
What is a not so normal guy to do when a man suddenly confesses his love for you? Is it possible to accept something like that and what do you do if this man doesn't plan on taking a 'no' for an answer?

This is the second book in the 'You can't...'- series. The first book, 'You can't run from us', focuses on a boy named Ash and his struggle to accept the love of his three mates and this book tells the story of Ash's closest friend Matt.

CurtisMatthews85 CurtisMatthews85 Apr 20, 2017
So excited to read the sequel. Loved the first book!! Read it like 10 times already. Just wanted to say that and you are one of my favorite writers on Wattpad. :)
OH YEAH!! *scoots to edge of couch
                              Remember me @sweetspicekillers 😂😂
KENZZ23133 KENZZ23133 Sep 01, 2017
God I know I commented on the first book a few times asking for this, but it would be great to see a book about the one and only Laze. ❤️
GaySensei GaySensei Jul 07, 2016
Literally didn't know about a sequel and stumbled upon this. It must be fate
DraqueshaMalfoya DraqueshaMalfoya Mar 26, 2016
One, I found it, humanoid!
                              Two, the pic... WHAT THE FUCKPIE?!
lilingppg007 lilingppg007 Feb 09, 2016
OMG there's a sequel I love you so much also I love the idea of the series name!