Of Love and Lust ⇹ Haikyuu x Reader One Shots

Of Love and Lust ⇹ Haikyuu x Reader One Shots

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cynosure By midorkima Updated Nov 22

▷ Because volleyball isn't the only thing that these men are interested in

▷ WARNING: Some of these will containing mature themes: Meaning, Suggested Smut, Teasing, Limes, Lemons, Kinks, and else. I might also deal with sensitive topics such as mental disorders in the future, once I am able to do proper reseach as to not offend anyone.

▷ I do requests, but for Lemons, I will not do them unless I get inspired: Meaning, unless you give me a good plot or AU or idea, or unless I get a sudden surge or inspiration.

▷ Currently, NONE of the stories in this book are posted by me on other sites. Please REPORT if any of my works have been posted to other sites.

RWolf16 RWolf16 Nov 15
the covers are absolutely amazing, please tell me how you did them :3
falicatena falicatena May 27
Hey can you do one with Terushima where the reader is a third year but has a baby-face so she looks like a first year or even younger than that and she gets really offended when Terushima thinks she's younger than him
Can you do a Kunimi or Shigeru lime one? Since they are the type to not really be in a too sexual relationship
uniqueinthemind uniqueinthemind 6 days ago
The fact that he clearly planned this has me dying wtf 😭😭😭😭😭😭
_LunaZ_ _LunaZ_ 7 days ago
Yamaguchi_Waifu Yamaguchi_Waifu 2 days ago
Niceeee.....just like my old bestfriend that tried to hit me once but got beaten up..