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Love and Lust ⇹ Haikyuu x Reader One Shots

Love and Lust ⇹ Haikyuu x Reader One Shots

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《 f r a n n y 》 By midorkima Updated 11 hours ago

▷ Because volleyball isn't the only thing that these men are interested in

▷ WARNING: Some of these will containing mature themes. They will be labeled NSFW

▷ I'm not accepting requests atm. Sorry :(

▷ Currently, NONE of the stories in this book are posted by me on other sites. Please REPORT if any of my works have been posted to other sites.

Me anx my friend have personalities like kuroo and bokuto so he has a kuroo keychain and i have a bokuto keychain and we call eachother kurobro or brokuto
                              Im brokuto
                              He's kurobro
                              We're both dweebs
tossun- tossun- Jan 05
                              Cri bc I don't play any other sports than volleyball ;-;
_kuudere _kuudere Nov 15, 2016
the covers are absolutely amazing, please tell me how you did them :3
You know that scene with soul and black star from soul eater? If so, then this would fit really well😂
falicatena falicatena May 27, 2016
Hey can you do one with Terushima where the reader is a third year but has a baby-face so she looks like a first year or even younger than that and she gets really offended when Terushima thinks she's younger than him
ItsMaddeline11 ItsMaddeline11 Dec 28, 2016
I honestly think you're a Filipino like me, after I saw your Instagram account..