Love and Lust ⇹ Haikyuu x Reader One Shots

Love and Lust ⇹ Haikyuu x Reader One Shots

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f r a n n y By midorkima Updated 4 days ago

▷ Because volleyball isn't the only thing that these men are interested in

▷ WARNING: Some of these will containing mature themes. They will be labeled NSFW

▷ I'm not accepting requests atm. Sorry :(

▷ Currently, NONE of the stories in this book are posted by me on other sites. Please REPORT if any of my works have been posted to other sites.

_v-a-l-e-r-i-e_02 _v-a-l-e-r-i-e_02 2 days ago
Me anx my friend have personalities like kuroo and bokuto so he has a kuroo keychain and i have a bokuto keychain and we call eachother kurobro or brokuto
                              Im brokuto
                              He's kurobro
                              We're both dweebs
tossun- tossun- Jan 05
                              Cri bc I don't play any other sports than volleyball ;-;
_kuudere _kuudere Nov 15, 2016
the covers are absolutely amazing, please tell me how you did them :3
You know that scene with soul and black star from soul eater? If so, then this would fit really well😂
falicatena falicatena May 27, 2016
Hey can you do one with Terushima where the reader is a third year but has a baby-face so she looks like a first year or even younger than that and she gets really offended when Terushima thinks she's younger than him
Kouki_Yaoi Kouki_Yaoi Jan 04
Can you hear, my heart beat? 
                              Tired of feeling, never enough 
                              I, close my eyes and tell myself that my dreams will come true~ (Sorrynotsorry)