What's Your Demon?

What's Your Demon?

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Mythology Queen By butterballporkbun Updated Jul 02


"Welcome to The Phantom Paradise hotel, I hope that you enjoy your stay..."

They're invited in, tricked by a charming facade before they end up trapped in her deadly web. She knows if she doesn't save them with the wonders of death now, humans will die to the horrors of life. While dining with the living she's always dancing with Death.

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Xemnas4 Xemnas4 Feb 19
                              Well, damn. Good start. Plenty of creepy vibes to give us a taste of what's to come. Not much on finer details, but I'll let that pass, seeing as it's chapter 1, and you set up an interesting air of mystery for what little happens here. Solid start, looking forward to more.
Wimbug Wimbug Dec 13, 2016
                              Okay, I have no idea what's going on, but it seems very interesting. I'm guessing most of this will become more clear later, but I do feel like you could add a few details to this first chapter. Like setting and a little job description. I felt it was maybe a bit too vague
Me: When you're always that one kid that's lighthearted but secretly loves dark things when no one's around.
BeautifulGoddes BeautifulGoddes Dec 31, 2016
So she runs a hotel for monsters? At least that what it seems like. Im kind of getting a hotel Transylvania mixed with AHS vibe here. 
mitsume10 mitsume10 Sep 14, 2016
Ooohh This is interesting! I'm liking it already hehe. :3
                               #ALBC #Gargoyle
TimmyLail TimmyLail Sep 10, 2016
 #albc #forensics    It seems like you have a pretty good story going here, though, admittedly, i'm not normally a man who enjoys horror stories. That being said, I did find this chapter enjoyable, and am curious to see where the story goes.