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all an act || kim taehyung

all an act || kim taehyung

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:') By ohmyjunhoe Completed

❝so.. everything was all just an act?❞

↠ in which a girl has to choose between her bully and her brother-like friend.

K_KpopLover K_KpopLover Jan 29
Welp at least those two lovely couple died together..But Im still sweating my eyesball out
daenxite daenxite Feb 06
he denied his feelings and changed his ego through it - i understand u, tae </3 xD
daenxite daenxite Feb 06
normally, i'd comment loads, but really - i'm lost for words...
AngelSpikes AngelSpikes Feb 04
What kind of doctor would say "We tried to save them but their heartbeat stopped, oh yeah I gtg noe bye take care!" And then who knows the doctor could be watching Naruto after that!