Young Mate Of The Alpha God

Young Mate Of The Alpha God

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Ever wonder what it's like to live in a world overrun by supernatural beings? Well, it's one hell of a world alright.


All of Sil's life, she had been told that everything was okay, that everything was normal. From the nightly howls to the strange diet of the people she has been surrounded by. Day by day, she had adapted to her surroundings, but felt like something was still being hidden from her.

At thirteen years of age, Sil's only family was attacked suddenly, leaving a scarring memory as a parting gift. Sil has become cynical, but she tries to look at the bright side of things for six months since the attack. With the help of Dr. Dakota, Sil struggles to cope with living alone as a 14-year-old and working part time as a babysitter to the mayor's son.

Everything Sil ever knew changed drastically when she lectures a man who claims himself as "God of Wolves" on proper etiquette. As well as become the love interest of two people who claim to be her "mate".

SweetMelodies44 SweetMelodies44 Jun 04, 2016
How did she run to  their and get back to here's only in seven minutes, what is she, the flash?
ayshaali123 ayshaali123 Jul 06, 2016
When at night ur in a sleep is for the weak mood but in the morning sleep is like a religion and u just became religious
pajammies pajammies May 29, 2016
Can't help but read the first chapter, sarreh. My eyes will black out now.
ThatLucianOtakuGirl ThatLucianOtakuGirl Apr 20, 2016
That was so me yesterday. Though mine was a 12 volume, 57 chapter manga, plus a separate ten years later one shot. 
                              Went to sleep around 5:45am and woke up just after 7am 😅😂
DinahArinder DinahArinder Jun 08, 2016
Not kids kids just get away with cause they are too cute especially babies