Personal Property ↓ Yoonmin

Personal Property ↓ Yoonmin

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"Hands off! Only Min Suga can touch this male!"

12/22/15 - 4/15/16

04/13/17- 05/20/17

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He. Is. Older. Than. You. Hoseok. Use. Honorifics. You. Disrespectful. Little. Shi--
Pokoyo228 Pokoyo228 2 days ago
I just realized what the white stains were and choked on my soda😂😂😂
am i the only one who thought in ikon bc of the "children" thing? ;;
abreyuh abreyuh 2 days ago
if he turns out to be a emo sloth who makes babies cry I’m leaving
abreyuh abreyuh 2 days ago
they left like, 5 seconds (*whispers* of summer) ago liKE WHAT THE FUCKK
I love vhope but I'm a taekook shipper [even my auto-correct know what's taekook]