Personal Property ↓ Yoonmin / WATTYS2017

Personal Property ↓ Yoonmin / WATTYS2017

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"Hands off! Only Min Suga can touch this male!"

12/22/15 - 4/15/16

04/13/17- 05/20/17

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xxminheexx xxminheexx 3 days ago
I don't ship VKook or VHope but it's cute so I'm not complaining
Ahh Vmin is friendship goal.They are so close >∆<
                              I am not with my friends that long but we are together for like 9 years now 0_0
y00nmiin y00nmiin 6 days ago
Lol k i'm laughing bc in norwegian "Halla" is a type of greeting, but it's like super cringey and fuckboys back in like 2011 used it jfhrjf
Hun,dont talk nonsense.No one can bully you.Why?
                              Hahaha I wonder why...
                              *exits room with dead bodies*
                              Oh yeah,
                              They ded bruh
I ship almost every ship so Im chill.
                              *hides vkook posters*
                              Call me shipman
yoonminruinedme yoonminruinedme 5 days ago
I ship literally any BTS member with another but like taekook is my whole life (besides yoonmin)