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KAMALEI By petrovology Updated Dec 22, 2017

❝I'm just a world history teacher , trying to help my students out.❞

Meet the one and only, Artemis Petrova who travels into a town called Beacon Hills, California. Who knew a bunch of teenagers have another advantage by their side.

Teen Wolf / The Originals 
[ Season Two/Season Three ] - Teen Wolf
[ Season One ] - The Originals 
Note: I do not own Teen Wolf nor The Originals, just my original character; Artemis Petrova.

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SlytherinzPrincess SlytherinzPrincess Nov 20, 2017
When I heard this line in the show I was like
                              Wouldent it be more sarcastic cause stiles is out their
SlytherinzPrincess SlytherinzPrincess Nov 20, 2017
So what is she is she just a doppelgänger or is she something else aswell?
MamaChele MamaChele Feb 03, 2017
Can't wait to see how things play out with her being here in season two
BooksandDean BooksandDean Feb 01, 2017
We're here throughout it all, don't think for a second you have to justify a late update, your life is yours, you spend your time however you decide to, we'll understand
ArlanHanson ArlanHanson Feb 01, 2017
Great chapter keep it up and I'm with u till the end of the line
natinthestars natinthestars Feb 01, 2017
Loved this chapter. Especially the quote at the beginning. It was powerful af