I Slept With My Teacher// A Jelena Series

I Slept With My Teacher// A Jelena Series

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"I'm your student, half your age and not to mention it's illegal" she rambled, stress weighing on her words.

"Yet you don't seem to regret anything" I spoke, catching a glimpse of her alluring chocolate brown orbs carved ever so perfectly. She stayed silent for a moment or two, either contemplating her next choice of words or she didn't have any.

"Because I don't" she finally said, exhaling a rather large gush of air within her words. Her eyes never caught mine for more than a second at a time.

"Then that's all you need to know, forget the rest" I whispered, inching closer to her as she shivered from the warmth of my breath.


Selena, a seventeen-year-old has lived her whole life in fear of her father. When she was five her mother was killed and now Selena and her older brother Max get abused daily from their mentally unstable but rather wealthy father who counts on alcohol to survive though the day. 

Selena attends a pretty basic high school, alone now after her older brother, Max graduated the previous year. The school was in desperate need of teachers. This is where Justin Drew Bieber, a twenty-five-year-old geography teacher takes advantage of this and gets the job.

Could a lethally strong romance kindle between the two... Find out in the first book of the series My Teacher

Thanks so much for JelenaDiarys for creating the amazingly beautiful cover.

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