Ask Or Dare The Creepypastas And Me

Ask Or Dare The Creepypastas And Me

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F*ck By TicciTobysSideChick Updated Feb 19

Why the hell did the original description just disappear?

Oh well.

Ask or dare any of your favorite Creepypastas in this book!

A_Mogeko A_Mogeko Feb 05
So BEN, what were your hobbies while stuck in the game? I mean when no one was playing it or anything, that had to get pretty boring. Anything weird to pass the time?
MusicIsMyFirstLove7 MusicIsMyFirstLove7 Aug 17, 2016
His name isnt just Toby its either Toby the toaster or tobuscus. Dang it now I want toast. DAMN U STOMACH
HunterHurst3 HunterHurst3 Sep 18, 2016
I got a dare 4 Toby!!! He has to come to county road57 and vist me