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My names Londyn Jace Tomlinson.
It was one thing to grow up with a mother and uncle as a dentist and dads occupation of an orthodontist. Along with the wanna be twin. 
I swore to my self I would have nothing to do with dentist again in my life, but I guess that didn't work out. Did it?
When university came I had never have expected that my only friends would be training in the dental field. Yet again trapping my self with the constant nagging of "make sure you floss" and  "did you brush this morning?", when I agreed to move into a 5 bedroom apartment with them.
It's not like I was scared, I just found the whole lay down open your mouth and let either a complete stranger, relative or best friend scrape at your teeth so awkward. 
Like what even makes you want to examine teeth day in and day out?
But like always I'm stuck in the situation which always comes back to bite me in the bum later on. 

Londyn- always stuck between dentists
Louis Tomlinson - the dentist twin
Liam Payne - handsome dental assistant 
Niall Horan - brace boy
Harry Styles - dental guru

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thesilentcloud thesilentcloud Feb 11, 2016
great update! this is going to be a great book, i just know it. Also, there is no picture. just wanted to point that out
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30 votes. yay! this is @thesilentcloud 's alter ego. yeah, so hi it's me
thesilentcloud thesilentcloud Feb 13, 2016
hah, @theloudcloud , it's been a while since I have heard from you