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Angela Okoduwa By Angelique_Esmeralda Completed

Aidan, a homeless rogue, never wanted​ a wife...

Emilia, a rich proud-headed young lady never wanted a man in her life...

He did it for the money...

She did it to save her inheritance...

But not even these two world-apart couple could shut out love when it came knocking... It definitely caught them offguard.

She felt his need for her. It was very evident. She didn't need the light of the lightning to reveal to her how much he wanted her for she could feel his swollen cock that seared heat through her thin material and she couldn't wait, despite her fears of how big he might be. "Are you sure?" He asked softly as if he had read her thoughts.

She nodded, biting her lower lip and trying to suppress her anticipation. "Yes." She whispered.

"It's bigger than my finger." He told her, searching for any sign that might tell him that she was not ready. He was not going to take her if she was not. He didn't want her living her first sexual experience in regret.

"Apparently." She said with small smile.

"It will hurt." He warned her.

"I can trust you not to let it hurt more than I can bear." She replied, indicating that she trusted him.

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Mo_awodola Mo_awodola Dec 27, 2016
I'm so happy cos this is the first time, m reading a Nigerian book on wattpad👌
Angelique_Esmeralda Angelique_Esmeralda Jun 20, 2016
Thanks so much, cachlin. Your opinion is really appreciated.
cachline cachline Jun 20, 2016
It's hard to find excellent descriptions like this in other novels