Percy Jackson, Son Of Kronos

Percy Jackson, Son Of Kronos

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Burnt Heart By Valorfrost Updated Mar 01, 2016

Percy who was thought to be a son of poseidon for years
He is being accused of betrayal after all he did saving the world multiple times.

Will he stay? Or will he leave camp half-blood. 


HunterOfArtemis89 HunterOfArtemis89 Apr 15, 2016
What about saying that you swear to the river Styx that you didn't do it Percy and honestly Zeus his fatal flaw is loyalty I don't think that would let him kill his parents even if he wanted to
PercysSiblingLilith PercysSiblingLilith Sep 10, 2016
Dad....I'll give you 5 seconds to think about what you just did.... Then your gonna with you where mortal so you could go to Uncle H
Lost_Praetor Lost_Praetor May 16, 2016
Why does they have to be excited and your stories are sooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Ashtim_aemeon Ashtim_aemeon Oct 12, 2016
Uncle P come on don't be a dîck I expect that from Zeus not you
Blackfirewoman Blackfirewoman Aug 28, 2016
Die in tartarus you freaking poseidon! Die painfully and long, and never, ever go back!!!