Healing His Solitude - Aizen Sousuke Love Story

Healing His Solitude - Aizen Sousuke Love Story

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A once well known powerful shinigami who fought alongside the Captains of the Gotei 13. Her power was immense, possibly even stronger than all the Captains' reiatsu put together. And yet, no matter who mentioned her name, there was always a fond smile on their face.

Losing her self control and going haywire, the Captain Commander of Soul Society could do nothing but destroy her with his own hands. A great loss was suffered by one and all in Soul Society.

But what Soul Society does not know is that her soul has been reborn into the Human World, in Karakura Town no less! A certain Captain aiming for power becomes wary of her presence and decides to take action to prevent anything from interrupting his plans to take the place of God himself.

What will happen when he meets this strange human? What will he do when he realizes she has the ability to see right right into his soul?

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this is my second time reading this story and i believe bleeding love is the perfect song for this story. maybe the ending theme or something. but anywho i love this story.
Wow u out a lot of thought into this 
                              (Lol while I'm stuck I'm writers block)
                               I have to step up my game
It was................................……………………….................AMAZING!!!!
softball4niner softball4niner Jan 09, 2016
Ahhh I'm sooooo happy you're writing another aizen story!!  Your stories are the best.
Angie_Taisho Angie_Taisho Dec 21, 2015
Hey.... It must have been painful for 'Cherry'... T.T I feel for her... This is so interesting! Keep on updating Ne Chan...  *_*
Angie_Taisho Angie_Taisho Dec 21, 2015
Yay! Thanks soooooooooooo much for dedicating this story to me, Ne Chan!!!! It sparks my interest to read the story! And the comparison between Madara and Aizen really makes me curious! It's gonna be a lot of fun! Wooooo hoooooo!!!!! XD