She is my Slave (Zayn Malik)

She is my Slave (Zayn Malik)

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As my eyes landed on her; I immediately know where she belongs too. She is the one, I'm looking for. No doubt her sexy figure, blue orbs which just shows innocence, full pink lips which I want to kiss when I came from my frustrated work. Her sexy legs which I want to wrap around my waist when I make her moan. I smirked seeing her looking in my direction showing confusion. I want her and when I want something I get it at any cost because I'm Zayn Malik.
She is my slave. 

Life never is easy for Faith. She is living a very rough life. Poor, sad, broken, worthless words are meant for her. Her parent never treats her right. Her dad was changed after her mother's death. Married to a worst woman in the world. Who just treat her wrong. She have to work three jobs a day so, she can get one day meal. She never tried to go against her parents, she thought she was the reason behind her mother's death and now it just the punishment she was getting. She does whatever her parents say without doubting with a single nod. She never makes her voice high in front of them. She does whatever they say whether it's right or wrong. 

But she never knows that her parents can sell her to a guy for sake of some money. But she always underestimates herself and agrees on this. She never knows her whole life is about to change upside down after this. She is going to be someone's slave which she doesn't even know. A complete stranger who can do whatever he wants to do with her.

(The book is Edited now! yay joy)

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whatevrthehellwewant whatevrthehellwewant Jul 23, 2017
Omg wat is wrong with her!!!!!!!!! I would have burned the house down
snowfox2022 snowfox2022 Mar 28, 2017
I was gonna post a comment about fifty shades of malik but i am pretty sure some already did... lol😂😂😂😂
madisonthomas1572406 madisonthomas1572406 Oct 28, 2017
Step mother or not I would Mollywope ha ass all the way to Australia
limatho limatho Mar 30, 2017
You mix up present and past so many times😂 no offence, I just noticed
yosra_jessica yosra_jessica Jul 17, 2017
OK now hold on a minet i need to talk to the writer i start loving this story untill BOOM💥 it finished why?. next part please 😢
SleepingRavenclaw SleepingRavenclaw Dec 12, 2017
Oh ma gad Lucas Till as a face claim oh ma gad love this book already