Carnival ✩ Yoonmin

Carnival ✩ Yoonmin

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ˁ⁽͑ ˚̀˙̭˚́ ⁾̉ˀ By HyungWonho Completed

⠀" I hate that when I'm around you I can't control my feelings.

⠀⠀I hate how cute you are.

⠀⠀I hate how much I just want to touch you when you're near.

⠀⠀I hate how kissable your lips look.

⠀⠀I hate how frustrated you make me feel.

⠀⠀I hate how you make my heart ache when we aren't together.

⠀⠀But you know what I hate most of all?

⠀⠀I hate how hard I feel in love with you."

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omelasdun omelasdun Feb 10
me @ namjoon-hyung my bias
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I'm scared of being one foot off the ground let alone 6 stories
idk900 idk900 Feb 27
lol everyone's focused on how dangerous that is, bUT I'M FOCUSED ON HOW YOU INDENT YOUR PARAGRAPHS