Konoha's Mystery (OC) Naruto Fanfiction

Konoha's Mystery (OC) Naruto Fanfiction

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The young lady with blue hair- also called: Sasami Himura. She's an intelligent girl who's feeling the loss of a considerable measure of required parts throughout her life. Her life takes a sudden detour when her dad is killed and she's cleared out to battle for herself in The Leaf Village. Her fantasy is to make sense of her mom's whereabouts and the reason she left. In this procedure, more issues will attempt and impede her longings.


Will she ever discover who sent the ninja to slaughter her dad? Where is her mom,  who are the Himura's? How will she bond with all of the Naruto characters?

Who is Sasami really?..


Various questions emerge as you read and will make you request me for answers. However, I can't give them away immediately now right? This is only the beginning..

Join Sasami on her journey to find her mother and fulfill her dreams in this Naruto Fanfic! It'll be packed with original arcs and OCs created by me!

"I luv this story!" 


"D-Don't do this to MEEEE!"

Can't wait for you to read this story <3


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......Not good.
                              But not bad either, I'd say it's on 
                              Scarecrows level
So I'm really excited about reading this story because everything looks really well planed, she has her strengths and weaknesses, and an ability that isn't overpowered. Good job author.
owo sounds interesting!!!!~~ would you mind if i do you a draw of sasami?!~ :D
s202242 s202242 Oct 15
she weighs as much as me when I was 13! *I was a light weight child dont ask*
Beta-Fish Beta-Fish Oct 01
*sobs in emo corner and grows mushrooms, rocking herself back and forth*
Sorry it me again, the over excited reader, I just have to say though, I absolutely adore how she isn't hiding her face because of like fanboys and girls getting angry that she's so pretty, but she has a legitimate reason and that just makes me so happy. Good job author, again.