Hidden Away

Hidden Away

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Melody Guthrie By melody1314 Updated Jan 24

In an old and, perhaps, mystical land a rift between two lords leaves one line as an old, forgotten tale and the other as royalty. This land is now being filled with wars and bandits who worship strange gods and make blood sacrifices, terrorizing their people. 
This tale begins with the aforementioned bandits and a kidnapped girl, Gaelen of Eilendale. It's difficult to tell from the beginning what's to come. It isn't merely the beginning of this girl's tale, but the beginning of a legend to be told for ages to come. One of romance, intrigue, and secrets. Follow her adventure as she discovers secrets that lie within castle walls and  seeks to combat those found without. On her way, she finds the truth behind her childhood and, perhaps, love. However, the secret she holds could tear the kingdom apart and lead to another massive war. How will she choose to use her information and what will be the outcome?

I update when I can, but do generally aim for once a week. Unfortunately work, school, and sports take up a fair amount of my time, so I may need to skip a week every once in a while. 

Shoutout to @elphadora for the cover!

  • action
  • badboy
  • bandits
  • burning
  • celebration
  • conspiracy
  • dance
  • fighting
  • goodgirl
  • heroine
  • hidden
  • intrigue
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  • teen
ajevergreen ajevergreen May 07, 2016
Interesting. Why would they do that to the woman?! I mean what's the point of doing it if they won't gain anything at all in the end?! Ooppss sorry for ranting. Btw, I like the style of writing. It flows smoothly. Just a lil more description to the woman. It's a great start after all
Nicole_Sloan Nicole_Sloan Apr 21, 2016
Yucky, yellow teeth. :) Great  start. I'm  excited to read more.
Ferealbum Ferealbum Jul 06, 2016
It's a very interesting start. It gets the reader hooked in the beginning. It's great! I like how you made it so that we have to read more to find out what's going on. Nothing else to critique, so great job!
Epicadrenaline Epicadrenaline Jun 30, 2016
I like the start it's got a bit of mystery in it and I like it but I feel like it lacked a lot of descriptions and therefore made the chapter seem like it's telling more than showing and that's not a good thing, so I'd suggest you work on that. Other than that good job.
deseray_tanki deseray_tanki May 14, 2016
You have a great beginning.  You already peaked my interest.  I can't wait to read the rest of the chapters.
wallflowerdust wallflowerdust May 23, 2016
This is an amazing prologue! Very intriguing and I'm interested in what happens next. Can't find anything to critique!!