The Gangleaders Secret

The Gangleaders Secret

83.8K Reads 2.7K Votes 23 Part Story By _Yazzyvale_10 Updated Sep 06, 2016

River had a troubled past her Dad died and she has a sister named grace amd she is Nine years old , Her Dad was one of the powerful gang in the U.S.
He didn't  Have a son to past down the Title, So she past it down to her Daughter 

He knew  that river will make a Great leader, So he train her how to fight, use kinfes and Different kinds of Guns

But River Dad died of A Gun shooting, and he never made it alive
The only thing that she loves is her sister.

But everything changes

wtfamidoingT-T wtfamidoingT-T Jul 03, 2016
It's funny how the only comments during the first chapter were about batman 😂