An Alphas Power

An Alphas Power

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Anna Bezoo By FairytaleMushrooms Updated Jan 12

After the unexpected death of her sister, Emily has hit an all time low. Things at home are falling apart, her friends seem to only be reaching her on a superficial level, and she can't seem to keep anyone happy in her life. 

Life has no drive for Emily and all she wants is to hide under her blanket and escape the world. That is until she finds her sisters journal and uncovers one vital piece of information that may affect everything. 

Making one rash decision Emily flees her home in hope of answers that may re-intact her life, and in turn she meets someone that could either be the tragic ending to her sordid tale, or the beginning of a fairy tale.

Cover made by: @abditive

I hope you still have fun writing cause this is amazing work
19cupcake91 19cupcake91 Jul 02
Okaaay....EW! u don't know Wat he been doing! U don't go around just kissing ppl!
rudolph21 rudolph21 Oct 10
I'd still send it after he tells me everything. I'd want someone to tell me too if my (hypothetical) husband was willing to cheat
19cupcake91 19cupcake91 Jul 02
I would have still sent her the picture! Not only is he a PERVE, but he's a CHEATER also.
UberHope UberHope Mar 16
I love the fact that you said God bless, great book by the way.🙃
And I loved this chapter and I can't wait for the next one. One question : is Cole her mate?????