Never Fall in Love // Completed

Never Fall in Love // Completed

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Dextyr Adams By mallycat504 Completed




For as long as Dove can remember she has been alone, well more or less. She has lived with her overprotective 'brother' since her parents died. All she wants to do is run free.

Only that's not possible. She's being hunted. By werewolves, and werecats alike. They want her, only she doesn't know why.
Dove is a 16-year-old werecat who has a problem following rules. Although she means well she is stubborn and hard headed. She is a fighter. And she fights for whatever she wants.

Dove has lived by one rule her entire life, and it is: never fall in love. Her mother once told her that if she ever fell in love, or had a mate, she would unleash a power that could destroy them all.

Cover by @winterinheaven

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Same. I've learned to do a lot of useless things cuz I was bored
YazzieMarie YazzieMarie Nov 28, 2016
Same, sometimes my mother leaves the room I tell her to close the door the she pulls the curtain shut