Standing Still

Standing Still

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Nikki By Aint_It_Fun Updated Dec 19, 2015

One in four women have turned down a marriage proposal. Including Lennon. To be fair, though, it took Sam getting down on one knee for her to realize that it wasn't what she wanted. Although making a grown man cry hadn't exactly been something she wanted either.

Four months later, Lennon is living a mortified existence...back to sleeping in her childhood bedroom and working in the used bookstore. She's not sure what's going to drive her insane first: the guilt or her newest coworker, Perky Penny.

Then Cooper lands smack dab in the middle of her life, classifying himself as nothing more than a rolling stone. He has the entire sleepy, coastal town curious. Lennon included. Rightly so, considering Cooper isn't exactly what he says. Seven years ago, he and his band were the biggest name in rock and roll...until he abruptly disappeared from the limelight and hasn't been heard from since.

Both Cooper and Lennon are harboring their own share of secrets. As the two get closer, though, the past starts to catch up. Eventually, they'll have to decide if it's better to keep running or if some things are worth standing still for.